BREAKING: The case against Officer Darrell Wilson will be heading for a grand jury.


County prosecutor says Michael Brown’s murderer’s case will go to a grand jury |

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To all the Black men,
Who worship white, Hispanic and “exotic” women.

To all the Black men,
Who think that those women are the greatest gifts.

To all the Black men,
Who bash dark skinned women.

To all the Black men,
Who say they’ll never date a Black woman.

To all the Black men,
Who reinforce negative stereotypes against Black women.

To all the Black men,

Who is by your side during these times?

Who is reminding you that you are loved?

Who is reminding you that you are worthy?

Who is at the forefront fighting by your side?

Who is defending your right.. 
Our right 
To simply take up space?

Where are those other women when you need them?



in case nobody has told you today: you are hella bomb, hella cute, and anyone would be hella lucky to have you


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Letoya Luckett  For Rolling Out Magazine.

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Anonymous said: I LOVE THIS BLOG!


Anonymous said: Hi I have been natural for only one month and my hair isn't that long my dad likes long permed hair and I feel when I don't have braids he act different towards me how can I deal with this and the way it's makes me feel about myself

First of all that sucks that your dad is making you feel uncomfortable about being yourself. I’m genuinely sorry about that!!! I’m kind of a brash person so if I were you I would literally just call him out and give him a history lesson about why people started relaxing their hair in the first place and how you are reclaiming your blackness and embracing who you are wholly and not conforming to european standards of beauty (Mind you I’m relaxed so I’m really being a hypocrite right now lol, but let me live I like my creamy crack). Anyways, if you don’t want to do all that and cause drama with your dad just kind of say something gently in the moments he treats you different. You can say it as a joke or just softly but make sure he hears you and hopefully as he sees your growth he will change his opinion on natural hair. But even if he never likes your natural hair just know that I THINK IT’S BEAUTIFUL and I’M PROUD OF YOU FOR GOING NATURAL. I really hope this situation changes for you. xx


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Anonymous said: Hello 3c naturalista here can you come up with a simple hair care with me because I'm a teen and I need help!

^ as simple as it gets. 

  • I forgot to say air dry hair with a cotton t-shirt and section detangle.
  • Use wide tooth combs always! 
  • After you wash your hair put a leave in conditioner on damp hair to seal moisture. 

Hope this helps xx.