Bad joints from the 90’s

i see some familiar ones, but can anybody name all or soem of these?

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LiberNation Double Slit Skirt

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Model Instagram: @fisahfierce

Fashion Instagram: @LiberNation_

Photographer Instagram: @Solar_Innerg

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Blue [Natural] Hair Don’t Care on We Heart It.

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Aminat Ayinde.

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So I did the big chop yesterday and I’m left with 6 inches of pure natural curls and I think I did a good decision. At first I never thought i would do the big chop, but I couldn’t stand the raggedy relaxed ends that was just hanging. I was like no way, I couldn’t deal so i sat in front of the mirror and took the scissors and chopped it off.  I am finally done with the transitioning hair journey , which took a year, so now that im all natural I’m growining it out long, strong and full of curls..I am in LOVE with my hair now. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. You won’t regret doing the big chop. I didn’t why should you? I cant wait what the future holds for my hair.

November 2012

6 Inches of Curly Hair

No Heat, No relaxers, Nothing, just pure natural me.

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I absolutely love your blog!!! I was just wondering how do I do a submission?

Thanks so much!!! xx

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